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Yili Casting took part in the German NEWCAST casting fair successfully.

Tags:Weifang Yili Precision Casting Co., Ltd. Author:Weifang Yili 2015/6/31
Introduction of the 2015 German Casting Fair (NEWCAST):
The four year tem German International n Casting Fair and Casting Fair(NEWCAST) have been held successfully during 16th, Jun, 2015, to 20th Jun,2015 in Dusseldorf German.
The topic of the fair this time is “Shining World of Metal”---including casting technology, casting parts, Metallurgy, heat treating. GIFA & NEWCAST will show the most advanced casting technology and high quality casting parts to the world. GIFA & NEWCAST and its influence in the world attract many global famous casting equipments companies, casting raw materials companies and casting production industries to take part in. So, the four-year term German GIFA & NEWCAST Fair is a communication platform for the industry person, and has been the focus to the casting person from all over the world.
Introduction for Yili Precision Casting Fair:
As the leader of the advanced precision casting industry, Yili Precision Casting took part in the German NEWCAST Casting Fair, and have achieved lots of useful marketing information in only 5 days period, establishing communicastion with more than 100 european customers, also establishing cooperation with many customers from German, France, Canada, ect.
While gainning useful marketing information, Yili Precision Casting also set up the excellent R&D team to learn the most advanced casting technology from the Fair. 
As the wonderful enterprisers of the advanced precision casting industry, Yili will explore the wider development way on the field ot casting and automatic equipments from Vision of globalization
What’s more, Yili will set an example for Chinese manufacturing in the world, also leading more local interprises into the international stage, to becoming the Protagonist of the Global Casting industry.

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