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Our company is attending the exhibition.

Tags:Weifang Yili Precision Casting Co., Ltd. Author:Weifang Yili 2014/02/15
Our company is attending the 12th Chinese GIFA in 2014, with our booth number being E1-198. We expect your presence.
Sponsored by:  China Foundry Association.
Organized by:  Beijing China Casting Centuty Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Time:  May 19th, 2014 to May 22nd, 2014.
Location: China International Exhibition Center, new exhibition hall in Shunyi.
Metal China is one of the two famous casting exhibitions worldwild. And Metal China is certified to UFI. Since 2014, the exhibition space covers more than 100,000 square meters.
In 2014, the sponsor unit incorporated International Nonferrous Alloy and Special Foundry Exhibition, China Casting Parts Exhibition, China Casting Equipments Exhibition and China Foundry Materials Exhibition into Metal China, joining forces and creating the first brand in the casting exhibitions worldwild.
In May, 2014, more than 1300 renowned exhibitors from more than 30 countries and areas, and 100,000 professional audience from more than 70 countries and regions will arrive in Beijing to attend the Metal China Exhibition. The exhibition has been an eternal agreement of foundry men  worldwide in the last 20 years and  will be a great event in casting field worldwild.
Exhibition website: http://www.expochina.cn/

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